How to download firmware for phantom 3

how to download firmware for phantom 3

how to download firmware for phantom 3

Firmware is an important update in several points of view. Not all drone owners, know how to update their Phantom 3. Firstly, it eliminates the errors of older versions of software, and secondly, it allows you to access the new features of applications for your drone.

Download the firmware. Note: If you have a Phantom 3 Standard or Phantom 3 4K, all firmware updates must be installed from the DJI GO app. You'll be prompted in the DJI GO app when new firmware updates are available. 2) Download the latest firmware ZIP file from DJI's download page: Phantom 3 Advanced Downloads.

Unzip the downloaded file to a folder on your desktop. The firmware itself is inside the .bin file. Insert your Micro SD card into the slot on the Phantom 3’s Gimbal. Using the USB cable that was supplied with your Phantom, connect the Micro-usb port on the Phantom Gimbal with your computer.

Phantom 3 Advanced Downloads; Phantom 3 Professional Downloads; Important: If you’re currently using a firmware version older than 1.3.20, then you must install 1.3.20 first before installing a newer version of the firmware. 1.3.20 needs to be installed on your remote controller and batteries.

Phantom 3 Standard The most accessible intelligent flying camera ever built! Apps. DJI GO Capture the world from above. Compatible with the Phantom 3 Series, Matrice Series , OSMO Series, and more. V 3.1.62. Requires iOS 8.0 or later. View Supported Devices. iOS V 3.1.62. Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with: iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus ...

 · *UPDATE - HOW TO UPDATE THE CONTROLLER & BATTERY NOW ON MY NEW TECH CHANNEL - This video shows how to update the firmware for th...

The Phantom will blink yellow and make a distinct noise which indicates that the Phantom 3 is in the process of updating the firmware. The process can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Once the process is complete, the Phantom 3 will make another distinct sound which can be heard in the Firmware Update Video above. After you hear the firmware update completion sound, power down …

Phantom 3 Advanced One of the best drones around thanks to a host of features and 2.7K video recording. Manuals. Phantom 3 Release Notes 2017-07-06. Phantom 3 Series Remote Controller Release Notes 2016-10-13. Phantom 3 In the Box 2015-09-01. Phantom 3 User Manual 1.8 2017-07-06. Phantom 3 Car Charger User Manual 2016-06-22. Phantom 3 Series Charging Hub User Manual 1.0 2015-09-01. Phantom 3 ...

 · How to downgrade firmware Phantom 3 pro/ RC unable to connect. Home / Products / Phantom / Phantom 3 Pro/Adv. 12 / 2 Page Next > 17628 50 2018-1-14. Uploading and Loding Picture ...(0 / 1) o(^-^)o. Spar lvl.2 Flight distance : 19879 ft + Add Friend Person Message. Australia. Offline 1 # Hi can anyone assist with downgrading my firmware on phantom 3 Pro? Twitter Facebook Favorite …

The new firmware version 1.4.0010 for DJI Phantom 3 Professional is now available for download. This new firmware brings a lot of improvements and bug fixes for your DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Updating the firmware is the very first thing I do after I received my new Phantom 3 Professional. Before performing firmware upgrade it is recommended to read the user manual on how to upgrade the ...

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